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• Binance has added Arkham (ARKM) to its Launchpad as the 32nd project.
• A snapshot of BNB balances will be taken from July 11th to 17th.
• Arkham also announced its Arkham Intel Exchange, dubbed the “world’s first on-chain intelligence marketplace”.

Binance Adds Arkham (ARKM) to Launchpad

Binance has announced Arkham (ARKM) as the 32nd project in the Binance Lanchpad and a snaphot of BNB balances will be taken on July 11 to July 17. The price of BNB , the native Binance coin, surged more than 3% early Monday to trade at highs of $243. The token sale on the Launchpad will have a hard cap of $2.5 million, with each user limited to 300,000 ARKM or $15,000. The public sale price for ARKM is $0.05 and 50 million ARKM tokens are allocated for this purpose which is about 5% of total supply of 1 billion ARKMs.

Arkham Launches Intel Marketplace

Today’s news that Arkham is the 32nd Binance Launchpad project coincided with another big announcement from the on-chain analytics platform -the launch of its „world’s first on-chain intelligence marketplace“. It is expected to go live on July 18 and will bring an intel-to-earn economy where users can anonymously buy or sell information on crypto wallets addresses through smart contracts. Buyers can post bounties seeking some on-chain information by locking funds which can then be fulfilled by „bounty hunters“ – blockchain researchers or sleuths who exchange intels in return for payment.

How Does LaunchPad Work?

LaunchPad allows users to buy into projects listed there using their native token -BNB (Binance Coin). Users must hold onto their coins in order for them to qualify for participation in any given token sale listed there and must meet certain conditions specified by Binance before they can participate in any particular sale event on LaunchPad.

Why Is It Important?

The addition of a new project like this shows just how far Binance LaunchPad has come since it was launched back in 2019 and how it continues to expand its services offering more options for crypto investors around the world. This new intel marketplace could also open up a whole new set of opportunities for people researching blockchain projects and give them access to never before seen data points that could help inform decision making processes when investing into cryptos .


The addition of Batman’s Arkam Intel Exchange alongside its launch onto LaunchPad marks an important milestone not only for both companies but also for crypto investors around the world who now have access to even more insights into various projects out there helping them make better informed decisions when investing into cryptocurrencies .