Many innovations – Sushiswap presents an ambitious timetable for 2021

The decentralized crypto exchange wants to significantly expand its scope of services in the new year.

After wild ups and downs in 2020, in which the Sushiswap trading platform was twice the largest decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) in terms of liquidity, the DeFi project has now presented an ambitious timetable for 2021.

The planned developments target some of the most complex and advanced features in the field of decentralized financial services (DeFi), including a cross-chain DEX to run through the Rune and Moonbeam projects, the integration of sushi on the Polkadot chain and a complete one decentralized governance structure by the end of 2021.

The timetable also includes updates on previously announced developments, such as the upcoming launch of Sushiswap Version 3 (v3) , which is called Mirin.

The planned BentoBox should be launched in mid-January

In addition, a possible renaming of Sushiswap was indicated, which should reflect the further development of the platform and the more extensive range of services. It says: „Sushiswap will move to a new domain in 2021 to make it clear that we are no longer just a trading platform.“

An announcement that is causing particular excitement in the crypto community is the planned integration of ArcherDAO. Archer is a project that works with Ethereum miners to use blocks more efficiently. The integration through Sushiswap could help to solve the big problem of front running through crypto miners, also known as „Miner Extractable Value“ (MEV).

Furthermore, the algorithmic stablecoins FRAX, DSD and BAO are to be integrated into sushi swap in the future

Finally, the blog entry discusses the plans for scaling, whereby it says that Sushiswap „will grow in step with the Yearn ecosystem“. The new zero-knowledge rollups (ZKR) should play a key role in this.

For a project that is only six months old, the planned timetable for the new year reads very ambitious. The blockchain developer under the pseudonym 0xMaki, who is one of the main programmers of Sushiswap, told Cointelegraph this week that the project’s incentive system is intended to ensure that the community grows steadily and brings about new developments:

“I want to create incentives for investors to put their crypto assets into DeFi products. For example, you should join a DAO. This in turn rewards developers for contributing new ideas. As a result, more and more people will be interested in DeFi and new types of financial products. Such dApps have a platform above all on sushi. So 2021 is a win-win situation for all of us. “
At the time of going to press, the company’s own cryptocurrency Sushi is up 10%, bringing it to a price of $ 4.64.