Introducing Beta 0.3.0: Primex Finance’s Major Update For Cross-Chain Prime Brokerage

• Primex Finance has rolled out a major update to its application with the launch of Beta 0.3.0.
• Beta 0.3.0 introduces a variety of new features, as well as improvements and fixes of existing functionalities.
• Early Users of the program are granted privileged access to all major protocol updates in the future, as well as direct communication with the Primex team and exclusive prizes.

Primex Finance, a cross-chain prime brokerage protocol, has launched its major update to its application, Beta 0.3.0. This new release is available in two stages, with Phase 1 being exclusively available for Primex Early Users, giving them the chance to have a hands-on experience with the update. From now on, Early Users will receive privileged access to all future protocol updates, along with direct communication with the Primex team and the opportunity to participate in private challenges and earn exclusive prizes.

Beta 0.3.0 introduces four new core features. Firstly, Primex now deploys to two new blockchains – the Polygon Mumbai and Polygon zkEVM testnets – allowing users to test the platform by trading and lending digital assets, as well as by participating in liquidity pools and staking. Secondly, Primex has now enabled the transfer of assets between different blockchains, allowing users to securely move their digital assets between different networks with ease. Thirdly, Primex now supports a variety of different order types, including limit, market, and stop orders. Finally, Primex has implemented an improved UI/UX design, allowing users to have a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

In addition to the new features, Beta 0.3.0 also includes several improvements and fixes to existing functionalities. These include an improved fee structure, an updated collateral system, and a more secure and reliable data synchronization. Furthermore, the Primex team has also implemented a better security system, as well as measures to improve the platform’s privacy and data protection.

On January 18th, 2023, Primex Finance is opening access for the public to Beta 0.3.0, allowing anyone to launch the application and test the new release without restrictions. With this update, Primex Finance is taking a major step towards becoming the best cross-chain prime brokerage protocol in the industry.