Chancer Launches Token Presale for Its Disruptive Prediction Platform

• Chancer is a new company that seeks to disrupt the predictions market using blockchain technology.
• The company will launch its token presale on June 13, which will be secured by the Binance Chain blockchain.
• Users can create their own markets for sports and current affairs events, which other users can place bets on.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a new company seeking to change the sports betting industry by introducing new features that are not offered by existing companies. The ecosystem will be secured using the Biance Chain blockchain, which is the market leader in dApp development. The most unique feature for Chancer is that, in addition to the available market, users will be able to create their own markets, which other users can place bets on.

Sports Betting Industry Growth

The sports betting industry is going through significant growth around the world. Most of this growth is coming mostly from the United States, a country where online betting was banned. Today, American betting companies like Fanduel, DraftKings, and BetMGM among others have become giant enterprises worth billions of dollars. The blockchain industry can disrupt the sports betting industry because of its global nature. Several blockchain companies are seeking to disrupt the industry. Some of the companies seeking to disrupt the sector are SportX and Gnosis.

Unique Features Offered By Chancer

In addition to sports, users can create a market for current affairs events such as an election year winner or loser prediction market. While similar betting markets exist, many of them exclude some events from being bet upon – something Chancer’s users won’t experience as they would be able to take advantage of all opportunities available in their custom-made markets.

Chancer Token

The betting market will be facilitated by $CHANCER tokens created using Binance’s blockchain network; with future plans for governance purposes where holders could submit and vote on proposals being discussed too . Other features include smart contracts , open-source code , decentralised nodes , and decentralised data storage .


With these features in tow it’s no surprise why analysts believe this sector is ripe for disruption – especially with a big player like Chancer entering into it .